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Why ADAMkyc?

Comprehensive Global Database

Cross-Jurisdictional Insight: Harness the power of ADAMkyc’s expansive search capabilities, spanning 300+ databases and covering 49 million+ records globally, ensuring due diligence across multiple legal jurisdictions.

Beneficial Ownership & Entity Relations

In-Depth Ownership Analysis: Uncover the complex structures of corporate ownership and control. ADAMkyc goes beyond surface-level data to provide insight into beneficial owners and related entities.

Negative Media Monitoring

Proactive Reputational Management: Employ ADAMkyc’s negative media parsing tools as an early warning system to flag potential reputational risks before they escalate.

Relationship Mapping

Visual Entity Network Exploration: ADAMkyc offers sophisticated tools to graphically map and interpret the intricate webs of relationships between entities, illuminating potential risks and connections.

Collaborative Investigations

Team-Focused Functionality: Facilitate teamwork with ADAMkyc’s ability to share search results and collaborate on investigations, enhancing collective due diligence efforts.

Bulk Data Analysis

Efficient Data Handling: Upload bulk data for streamlined entity checks. ADAMkyc’s system efficiently processes large volumes of data, providing quick and comprehensive compliance checks.

Organized Research

Bookmarking and Annotations: Keep your research organized with ADAMkyc’s bookmarking feature. Save search results and individual entities for later review and maintain an orderly investigation process.