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Comprehensive Global Database

Elevate Your Compliance Strategy

In an era where the financial landscape is intricately global and regulatory compliance is non-negotiable, businesses are challenged to keep pace with the sophistication of bad actors. ADAMkyc emerges as your frontline defense, offering a potent tool designed to safeguard your operations from the taint of dirty money and the repercussions of high-risk associations.

Unprecedented Data Access and Visualization

ADAMkyc presents a convergence of extensive open data sets into a single, unified database, bolstered by a cutting-edge, interactive graph technology interface. This powerful combination enables you to:

  • Rapidly Search: Navigate through an extensive array of global data with ease and precision.
  • Visualize Connections: Employ advanced technology to illustrate and explore complex relationships between entities.
  • Share Insights: Collaboratively engage with your team by easily sharing findings and analyses.

Global Reach with Local Precision

Our comprehensive data sources are meticulously collected, focusing on entities originating from distinct corners of the globe. These are not merely numbers but represent a gamut of entities meticulously published by government authorities and international organizations. Whether you’re looking for sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), watchlists, or adverse media screenings, ADAMkyc places the information at your fingertips during onboarding and beyond.

Continuous Data Expansion

Our database is ever-evolving, mirroring the dynamic nature of global finance and regulatory demands. Should you find a data source missing, we are committed to not just hearing about it but actively pursuing its inclusion. Our clients are encouraged to contact us for insights into planned expansions or to suggest contributions that can enhance our data reservoir.

A Snapshot of Our Data Universe

Here’s a glimpse into the depth and diversity of our database, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive compliance solutions:

  • Russian ACF List of bribetakers and warmongers
  • Global debarment lists from the African and Asian Development Banks
  • Consolidated sanctions lists from Australia, Canada, the EU, and more
  • Extensive PEP records from various national registers
  • FBI and INTERPOL’s most wanted
  • Detailed records of entities from OpenCorporates and the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Reference Data
  • And tens of thousands more…

Smart AI-Driven False Positive Reduction

One of the most compelling features of ADAMkyc is its AI-powered false positive combat strategy. By learning from investigators’ interactions and customer contexts, ADAMkyc can automatically resolve cases previously flagged as non-suspicious. This innovation significantly reduces false positives by up to 60%, ensuring that your compliance team focuses on genuine risks rather than chasing down dead ends.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency is not just a buzzword; it’s a core pillar of ADAMkyc. Built with a white-box approach, our system provides you with clear, specific, and comprehensible explanations for each case. This ensures that your investigation process remains transparent, understandable, and fully auditable, standing up to the most rigorous compliance standards.

Your Next-Generation Compliance Partner

With ADAMkyc, step into a new dimension of compliance and risk mitigation. Our comprehensive database is your trusted partner, ensuring that your business stays protected, compliant, and ahead of potential risks. Embrace the power of ADAMkyc and transform your due diligence processes today.