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Organized Research

Efficiently Manage Your AML/KYC Investigations

ADAMkyc elevates the organization of research within the realm of AML/KYC compliance. Our platform provides a suite of tools designed to streamline the investigation process, ensuring that your findings are meticulously cataloged and easily retrievable.

Intuitive Bookmarking System

  • Instant Bookmarking: With a single click, bookmark search results and individual entities that require further investigation or periodic review.
  • Personalized Research Management: Create a structured repository of bookmarks that reflects your investigative workflow and priorities, allowing you to efficiently manage and navigate through your research.

Annotations for Enhanced Clarity

  • Detailed Notes: Attach annotations to your bookmarks to record insights, hypotheses, or questions that arise during your research. These notes are critical for contextualizing data and sharing rationale with colleagues.
  • Dynamic Updates: As your investigation progresses, add new information or edit existing annotations to keep them up-to-date with the latest findings.

Streamlined Access and Review

  • Organized Dashboard: Access your saved bookmarks and annotations through a dedicated dashboard, designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your ongoing research.
  • Quick Reference: Use your annotated bookmarks as a quick reference point for past research, saving time when revisiting complex investigations or onboarding new team members to existing cases.


  • Shared Insights: Easily share annotated bookmarks with team members to facilitate collaborative investigations, ensuring that all relevant parties are informed and aligned.
  • Collective Knowledge: Pool together collective insights from different team members, leveraging the breadth of knowledge within your organization to uncover hidden connections and risks.

Persistent and Secure

  • Long-Term Retention: Your bookmarks and annotations are securely stored and backed up on the ADAMkyc platform, ensuring they remain accessible for the duration of your compliance needs.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: With robust security measures in place, maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your investigative activities within the ADAMkyc system.

Transform Your Research Methodology

ADAMkyc’s organized research features are more than a convenience—they are an essential part of a thorough and compliant AML/KYC investigation process. By leveraging bookmarking and annotation tools, you can maintain a high level of detail and organization in your research, ultimately leading to more accurate and efficient compliance outcomes. Dive into ADAMkyc’s system with confidence, knowing that every thread of your investigative tapestry is neatly arranged and ready for action.