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Industry Associations

Empowering Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations with Robust AML/KYC Compliance

Chambers of commerce and industry associations play a crucial role in fostering business growth and economic development. However, this role comes with a responsibility to ensure their members adhere to legal and ethical standards. ADAMkyc, a comprehensive AML/KYC SaaS solution, supports these organizations in fulfilling this responsibility effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring Member Integrity

ADAMkyc provides detailed information on businesses, helping chambers of commerce and business associations conduct thorough vetting of potential members. By identifying entities with negative media exposure, human rights abuses, or connections to sanctioned or unknown persons, ADAMkyc helps ensure the integrity of your membership.

Protecting Organizational Reputation

The reputation of your organization is influenced by the actions of your members. If a member is found to be involved in illegal or unethical activities, it can impact your reputation. ADAMkyc provides real-time data and monitoring capabilities, helping you identify potential risks and take timely action to protect your organization’s reputation.

Supporting Member Compliance

ADAMkyc isn’t just a tool for your organization; it’s a resource for your members. By providing access to ADAMkyc, you can help your members perform their own due diligence, ensuring their compliance with AML, Due Diligence and Supply Chain Transparency Laws. This not only supports your members in their compliance efforts but also enhances the overall integrity of your organization.

Creating a New Service and Revenue Stream

ADAMkyc can also be a potential new service and revenue stream for your organization. By offering enhanced reporting and due diligence services powered by ADAMkyc, you can add value to your membership, attract new members, and generate additional revenue.